Edward Mordrake and his second face

Edward Mordake lived in the 19th century and had, supposedly, an extra face attached to the back of his head. This head didn’t speak or eat, but it could laugh and cry. Edward Mordake was desperate to have this second head removed, as at night it would whisper satanic language to him. No doctor would however attempt it. Edward committed suicide when he was 23, as he could not stand his head anymore.
It is difficult to establish the facts behind Edward Mordake’s condition due to the lack of reliable medical records. Not even his date of birth and death are recorded and there are conflicting accounts regarding his suicide, as well as placement and position of his extra face. Much of what is known is based on oral retelling.
The band Tom Waits wrote a song about Edward Mordake called Poor Edward.
Edward wasn’t the only person with this problem. In history there are 2 famous cases, the ones of Chang Tzu Ping and Pasqual Pinon.

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